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My name is Connie, but I also go by Sunfire (a high school nickname that stuck). I'm a 34yo veteran of the US Navy, having served 5 great years working with computers. Turns out being military wasn't in my heart, so here I am making a go of this 'real world'. I currently live in Wenatchee, WA, in the middle of downtown with my husband (boyfriend from high school). Neither of us drive, so this location is perfect! Between serving as Vet Corps Navigator and working to build my web development business, I love spending time with my husband and doing what I can with my hobbies, as you can see here in my shop.

My mom has been pursuing a business based on her favorite hobby, photography, for quite some time now, and it inspired me to find something I like to do/make that can make me some money as well. I tried out things like candle-making and some other simple, children's-type crafts, but they didn't suck me in. Then I picked up a woodburning pen.... I was hooked, on the smell, on the simplicity, and on the fact that I can trace my designs instead of being able to draw (I'm NOT a drawing artist, for sure). Not to mention it was not a common thing I saw on these online selling venues (unlike jewelry or crochet or other sewing crafts)...

I started wood burning in 2006, but it was on and (mostly) off until late 2008, so some of what I do is still practice and experimenting for me. But I do love to work with solid symbols and/or black and white designs! Projects I can complete in a few hours are the best, and I am glad my key chains, magnets, and cell phone charms have been warmly accepted by my shoppers. While I don't foresee doing portraits any time soon, I still enjoy making art you'd be proud to display on your walls. Whether a sign with your child's name, a favorite quote with embellishments, simple images, or any other symbols (personal, religious, etc) are all something I would love to burn for you. Just ask!

I want to keep my shop as open and well-rounded as possible, so you will see a variety of designs popping in from time to time. Don't be surprised to see a common Cross or other Christian symbol next to a pagan Goddess design. My favorites right now are kanji (Japanese) characters, Celtic knotwork, tribal designs and inspirational sayings. My list of "what I want to burn" keeps growing, so watch for new things all the time!

Most of my materials come from the craft store, or from a supplier online at this time. I'd like to move to using reclaimed wood in the future, if possible. All pieces are made in a non-smoking, pet-free home.

You can read more about me and my crafting in my Featured Zibbeter interview here: http://www.zibbet.com/blog/2012.02.20/featured-zibbeter-breathofthedragon

Thanks for stopping in! Feel free to message me with any questions. I'm very open to custom orders and trades. Hope to hear from you soon.
~ Sunfire


Wenatchee, WA, USA

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