Labyrinth oak coaster

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Product Description

Sometimes you find yourself in a tough situation, and the only way out is to get lost in a labyrinth. As you walk the winding path, you focus on the curves and the rest of the world fades away.

Many people today use a labyrinth to figure out a problem - walking inward to discover the source of the trouble, and walking back out with a new understanding of how to handle it.

Around the world, you can find gardens and stone labyrinths for walking. But if you can't get out to those, why not bring the meditation practice indoors?

With this oak coaster, you can "walk" the labyrinth with your fingers or a pencil. Focus on following the path, and welcome any enlightenment that comes with it.

I've burned this labyrinth design by hand onto a 3.5" square piece of oak, approximately .25" thick. The whole piece was then sealed with many coats of a clear polycrylic finish, for lasting beauty and ease of care. While not completely waterproof, it should last many years under your prized glasses.

Not shown is the back, featuring artist name, logo and year, along with the 4 small black felt corners I added, to prevent skidding and to protect your table.

** 10% of the profit from this item will be used to buy food for my community's hungry and donated to the Women's Resource center quarterly. **

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