Peace Sign keychain - TPA

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Product Description

Let your love for Peace dangle from your keys, and when people ask why the peace sign is 'upside down', you will have a chance to explain how this new version of the peace sign is a much more positive symbol.

This small wooden charm has been burned by hand onto a wooden disc, approximately 1.5" across. On the reverse side are the words Turn Peace Around. The disc is attached to approximately 1" of heavy chain and a standard split ring.

~~ Why is this peace sign upside down? ~~
It's a new take on the classic symbol, which was originally drawn as a man in despair, with arms down and out. This new version, with arms upward, is a much more positive symbol for peace. For more information about the Turn Peace Around movement, please visit

All TPA orders come with 5 postcards and 5 business cards with information about Turn Peace Around that you can hand out to friends and acquaintances. Feel free to contact us if you'd like more cards.

** 10% of the profit from this item will be used to buy food for my community's hungry and donated to the Women's Resource center quarterly. **

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