Rainbow Bottle Sling

$11.95 USD


Product Description

Looking for an easier way to get more water each day? With one of these unique bottle slings, you can carry your bottle with you wherever you go!

Each bottle sling has been crocheted by hand in an original pattern, using a bold and chunky acrylic yarn. The main section consists of a solid base and a mesh around the bottle. The strap is perfect for carrying over one shoulder, or you can wrap it around your wrist a couple times and it will keep your bottle 'hand'y.

The opening to the bottle section measures about 3" across, so most bottles up to 1 liter will fit. Since the mesh makes the depth fairly stretchy, tall bottles work great.

The strap is about 1.5" across, and measures about 10" to the top of the bottle section. The more you use this bottle sling, the more the strap will stretch out, so eventually you may be able to wear it cross-body, if you want.

If you'd like something similar in a different color combination or a smaller-sized yarn, just ask!

** 10% of the profit from this item will be used to buy food for my community's hungry and donated to the Women's Resource center quarterly. **

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