STRENGTH bindrune

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Product Description

Runes are ancient symbols that represent the forces in Nature regarding creation, life, experience, and death. Aside from being a language used by the Norse, the runes also encompassed magic and power. Each rune tells a story, while guiding our magical work.

A bindrune is a combination of multiple runes into one symbol. The purpose is to combine the magical properties of each rune to create a symbol for a specific intention. What you see here are bindrunes that I have created through my own study of the Edler Futhark.

While strength is often physical, it can also be inner and mental. It is about resistance, defense, being prepared, and making the right decision. I have combined Hagal, Naud, Uruz, and Eihwaz in this bindrune.

These bindrunes are the perfect size for carrying in your pocket or purse, to keep the magical energies close to you throughout your day. Each wooden disc measures 1.5" across, and about 0.25" thick.

Each bindrune is constructed at time of purchase, to ensure the proper energies are imbued into it. The photos serve as samples - the wood and burnt bindrune may appear slightly different in the finished product you receive.

If you are afraid of losing your bindrune, you can also get it hanging from appropriately colored braided hemp, as a keychain/key fob, or as the focal of a hemp necklace. Contact me ( for available options.

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STRENGTH bindrune